Our Commitment to Excellence


We provide clearing solutions across a wide range of applications, including wildlife habitat conservation, hydrological wetlands restoration, pipeline and transmission Right-of-Way, government military UXO vegetation clearance, recreational property enhancement, and reforestation site prep. At BCS we pride ourselves on performing the most demanding jobs.


    Our equipment is specialized high production forestry forestry equipment specifically designed for mastication/ mulching and chipping of all types of vegetation regardless of size or density. The BCS arsenal of equipment includes extremely well maintained low ground pressure (LGP) track mulchers, wheel mulchers and excavator units ranging from 305 - 600 horsepower. Understanding the demands of time and weather sensitive projects BCS has on site backup machines available in the event of equipment breakdowns.


    The BCS environmental clearing treatment allows us to selectively remove vegetation leaving desirable trees and root structures undisturbed when necessary. Wood chips and mulch left on site accelerates natural decomposition reducing erosion and increasing soil moisture retention which ultimately preserves and improves the health of the remaining trees and habitat.


    While located in Georgia, we mobilized to provide our services throughout the continental U.S. BCS has successfully completed projects in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.
    No matter how large or small your clearing needs, we are committed to providing an effective solution for you. To learn more how Brush Clearing Services can assist with your next project, contact us today.

Our Extreme Service Capabilities